About Emilia Castillo® Surround yourself with Beauty!

Award winner designer Emilia grew up in Taxco, a silver mining town in Mexico, playing in her father's wonderful workshop among talented craftsmen. Since a very young age she saw her father, Antonio Castillo and her uncles, Chato and Coco,busy designing and creating beautiful wares and jewels. Always surrounded by silver, copper, iron, natural stones and all kind of tools, Emilia fell in love with the process of transforming them into toys and fun objects . Inspired by the natural beauty of the workshop surroundings, the magnificent waterfall that crosses the gardens and all of the creatures that thrive there, her work is a loving expression of her gratitude and appreciation towards nature.

All of Emilia’s pieces are made of natural materials such as lapis lazuli, jasper, turquoise, malachite, onyx, porcelain and silver. Carrying on her father's tradition, every piece is entirely hand-crafted in the workshop at her ranch in Taxco. Many commissions have been made for many heads of state and special occasions, such as the chapel for the virgin of Guadalupe in The Vatican. Known for her one of a kind creations her work has become highly appraised by collectors worldwide.